Alexandra Plus
ultrasonic technologies and equipment

About us

Research and production company Alexandra Plus was established on 4 May 2000. The main activity is development of technologies and production of technological equipment based on power ultrasound.

The company holds 42 industrial property patents, including 33 patents for inventions and two Eurasian patents.

The staff number is more than 100 people. The enterprise includes the department of perspective development, production department, financial and legal department, quality department, design and construction department, ultrasound equipment production shop. On the territory of the enterprise there is an equipped ultrasonic laboratory, where experimental work is carried out to assess the effectiveness of ultrasound application and technological processes are worked out to solve non-standard tasks of customers. The company’s own plant includes mechanical, electronics, welding and assembly shops. The company’s production facilities provide a full cycle of metal working. The second stage of the plant has been built and the third stage is being prepared for launch, which will expand production capabilities for large-scale projects.

Main application areas of the equipment produced:

Main principles of work:

Alexandra Plus has considerable experience in the development and manufacture of industrial equipment, as well as in the research and development work both independently and with the specialized scientific organizations, with which the company has the relevant contracts and agreements on joint activities and partnership.